Danny de Matos


Danny de Matos is a multi-talented composer/musician of Portuguese descent, based in nr. Windsor, England, previously signed to Arista and Universal worldwide for both recording and publishing respectively, and now signed to Heavenly Songs the publishing arm of Heavenly Records. He learned music as a kid, working in record shops at weekends, listening to anything and everything he could get his hands on before joining local bands and then going on to become a professional musician. 

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During his career, he has written and produced for a wide variety of artists and styles, from U.S. Billboard pop radio hits with Crush feat. Donna Air (Telstar) to stadium techno-rockers Republica (BMG). He developed and produced Chloe Howl (Sony Columbia) and has continued involvement in writing and production for the forthcoming albums. In the past Danny has also been involved on remix duties with, re-mixing Roy Orbison’s ‘In Dreams’ and Limp Bizkit’s ‘Rollin’.

Danny has provided TV theme music for British ITV's "Real Lives" documentaries. He composed the music for the Wild Thyme Productions’ ‘Midsummer Night’s Dream’ and ‘Romeo & Juliet’ at the International Globe Festival in Neuss, Germany and made his debut in film music in the independent UK cult classic ‘Metroland’ (starring Christian Bale and Emily Watson). He has also worked on the worldwide smash video games by Valve Software ‘Half Life 2’ and ‘Left 4 Dead’ and done much high level voiceover recording and production, working with products and companies as diverse as Boeing, Kodak, Blackberry, AEG, EMI, Microsoft, Apple/Nike iPod.

He also still continues to write and produce an eclectic range of both independent and corporate artists and bands and has more recently now also begun to compose TV commercial music -  nominated for and award for his music on Taco Bell’s  major US ad “It’s all about the Roosevelts, baby!”

Whether retro or cutting edge, laidback or rockin’ the music he creates is always engaging and appealing irrespective of genre and has a strong and distinctive independent style with an emphasis on memorable melody and catchy hooks. Think hits…

Sample record credits:

Chloe Howl ‘Crybaby’, ‘Forever Young’ album (Sony Columbia) - written & produced

Crush ‘Jellyhead’ - single (Telstar) - written & produced

Full Monty Allstars ‘Brilliant Feeling’ - single (Arista & Robbins Entertainment)  - written & produced

Sintra ‘Going Home’ -  album (Artnis) -  written & produced

NIcole (& Apryl May) ‘Stay’ - single (Vidisco & Stirling Music) -  written & produced

Sample TV/FIlm credits:

“Metroland” feature film w/Christian Bale

Taco  Bell “Roosevelts”

BBC 2 ‘Xmas Idents’

Delta Airlines ‘Hooligans’

Suzuki ‘Roule avec le temp’

Wrigleys ‘Football’

Sample Clients/Artists/Projects:

Westlife,  Republica,

LittleJoyBox, Cerys Matthews,

Gwen Dickey, Belinda Carlisle, Rolf Harris, Ronnie Johnson,

Apple/Nike iPod, Microsoft, SDL, Blackberry, AEG/Zanussi,

Half Life 2, Left 4 Dead

Favorite Movie: ‘Big Night’

Favorite Food: Bacalhau

Favorite Quote: “The music business is a cruel and shallow money trench, a long plastic hallway where thieves and pimps run free, and good men die like dogs. There's also a negative side” Hunter S. Thompson

My favorite songs

‘Crazy’ - Patsy Cline

‘Your House’ - Steel Pulse

‘Tell it like it is’ - Aaron Neville

My favorite links

  1. www.facebook.com/danny.dematos

  2. www.twitter.com/danny_de_matos

  3. www.theworksmusic.co.uk

  4. www.pointblanklondon.com   

  5. www.ambermusic.com

  6. www.soundonsound.com